Hobble Creek Lodge

Welcome to the Hobble Creek Lodge. If you live in Utah, this might be familiar. Weddings have been hosted here, corporate retreats, holiday parties, outrageous Devin Supertramp shoots and more. It's one of the COOLEST luxury properties I've ever seen. It's even got a human slingshot. Yes, you heard that right. Want to see how it works? Well, you'll have to watch this episode. 

One of the fantastic things about this house is that it feels massive, while at the same time feeling very cozy. While I went through with my new friend, Kelly (he's our tour guide through this episode) I kept thinking about how magical Christmas is going to be here for the lucky family that gets to spend their holiday here. 

Also, if you're looking for similar stylings to the interior decor found in this home (I always am) here are some pieces almost pulled right out of the Hobble Creek Lodge. If you like one of these (or find something through one of the Amazon clickthrough links) it's a help to the channel and my site. 

I also want to mention The Statue of Responsibility that I brought up at the very end of this video. It's a really cool story. It's a piece that's been sculpted by artist, Gary Lee Price and may one day create a West Coast "Book End" companion to the Statue of Liberty. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 5.38.44 PM.png

You can learn more here at the official website for the Statue of Responsibility. It's a pretty cool project that's worth looking into. 

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Chris Claflin