About the Platforms


SquareSpace - $

SquareSpace is the hands down best platform for non-technical business owners/bloggers/personalities who want a beautiful website that they can maintain without having to hire a web developer every time they want to make a website change, but the platform DOES have limitations when it comes to design and specialized functionality. 

If you're just looking for a basic e-commerce platform, simple blog or a beautiful online presence for your business or startup SquareSpace is the most affordable, most secure and most user friendly option - making it the most popular choice for most of my clients to build and host their site on. 

WebFlow - $$$

WebFlow is for the OCD control freaks out there who want their website to look EXACTLY how their web design document created in Photoshop or Illustrator turned out. WebFlow offers FAR more flexibility than SquareSpace from a design perspective and is the best platform out there to build "out of the box" designs. 

WebFlow by default is also capable of simple animations/transitions/loading effects not available on SquareSpace or Shopify. 

While WebFlow is the web designer's dream platform, it isn't the best platform for e-commerce or advanced requirements and for non-technical users it is more difficult to maintain than SquareSpace and Shopify but easier to maintain and navigate than WordPress. 


WordPress - $$$$

WordPress is one of the most - if not the most robust web development platforms around. There's virtually nothing that CAN'T be built on the platform. Membership sites, Recurring Billing Subscription Services, Advanced e-Commerce solutions, Forums, Online Communities and everything in between are possible on WordPress. 

There is a catch though: WordPress is kind of a beast. It's not at all user friendly for the non-technical user to navigate (so maintaining your site solo is going to be an issue). Because of the diverse nature of the platform, WordPress is more time consuming (and expensive) to develop on, but it can be worth it depending on what your website's requirements are. In some cases, for more advanced builds it can be the only option before considering a custom built website.


Shopify - $$$

Shopify is all about E-commerce. It's more user friendly than WordPress and offers more customization possibilities than SquareSpace when it comes to building out your online store. If you're a business wanting to expand your business presence to the web in a way that allows you to handle large volume in online sales and keep all of your inventory, shipping, customer and sales information organized and in one spot, Shopify is the way to go. 

Shopify's design capabilities are more limited than WordPress and WebFlow, but more flexible than SquareSpace. It offers a more user friendly interface for the non-technical user than WordPress or WebFlow, but is slightly more challenging than SquareSpace.