Straight Edge Shaving

So a few months ago I got introduced to something AWESOME. Straight Edge Shaving. One point of contact and I was hooked. I love everything about it; the gear, the soaps, aftershaves, the process and even forging razors from a raw chunk of steel. More on that in another episode. 

Basically I love it all so I dedicated the second episode of my Vlog to straight edge shaving. Check it out!

The shave soaps that I talk about from Sterling Soap Co. can be found here. And the rest of the gear (If you don't have access to a legit local shop of manliness) can be found on Amazon. Pick some up through the links below. You'll thank yourself and it will help my site and channel. 

Shavette with blades. This is what you want to get started with while you're learning the ropes.

You don't need a huge lather bowl, and this one is just the right size to do the job.

This is an awesome brush at a great price, and my recommendation to start.

A "legit" shave mug if you want to go big... but any mug will do.

You'll need a stand for your brush. It needs to hang to dry properly. 


And for the impatient ones who NEED A REAL RAZOR NOW!!! DOVO is the best.

So even though I included a link to the DOVO razor, I'd highly recommend NOT BUYING IT until you shave with a shavette for a few months first. You'll get the hang of it and be able to decide whether or not it's your thing without dropping $100+ on a real razor that can last a lifetime. If all goes well with that, then make the upgrade. 

Also, I don't recommend getting a bundled starter kit on Amazon. 50% of what's included in most of those kits is garbage. Get the stuff separately. You'll wind up with less stuff, but all of it will be higher quality.

Happy shaving.

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