I Lost My Wedding Ring

There are a lot of people out there who spend a lot of money on rings for each other when they get married, which I've always scratched my head at. I mean, does more money mean you love that person more? Maybe. But maybe not. 

Here's where losing 2 wedding rings has gotten me in my marriage:

So peeps! If you're like me, here are some super sweet, super cheap alternatives to fancy weddings for dudes. Play hard, scrape it up, take it off and chuck it at the speeding teenager's car that's pissing you off. It won't matter. Because it's cheap. And that's what ALL wedding rings are: Cheap. It's how you treat your significant other that carries real value.

Oh... and guess what. This isn't just a good idea for dudes. I did the same thing for my wife (got her something cheap). She still seems to be happy. :-)

Chris Claflin