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Personal Pricing

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Personal websites are small, simple and primarily informational websites that don't support e-commerce capabilities or other bells and whistles. Great for bloggers and individuals who want to maintain a professional online presence. 


Startup Pricing

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Startup pricing and development is geared towards technology companies, KickStarter campaigns and other new launches that need an online presence to provide information about their product and redirect visitors to their product, service or campaign page for purchase or download. Whether you're launching an innovative new app or the next viral KickStarter campaign, a startup solution is the way to go.


Small Business Pricing

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Small Business builds are for professionals and businesses that need an online presence. These site builds provide the ability to build email lists, book appointments, collect data through forms, sell basic products and services and provide information about their business expertise, hours of operation and more. 


e - Commerce Pricing

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When selling is the name of the game, e-commerce is the way to go. E-commerce builds are limited to Shopify and Wordpress which are the only two platforms capable of offering advanced e-commerce capabilities like product filtering, inventory and client management, shipping and discount codes, advanced shipping options and a whole lot more. If you don't see something that you need below, contact me - I'm sure together we can arrive at a solution that's a perfect fit for your online shop.